GET IT NOW: THE YATED’S EXPANDED MEGA SUKKOS EDITION – Rav Berel Povarsky, Rav Elya Brudny, Rav Abish Eisen, Rav Zalman Rotberg zt”l, and Much More



Yated Ne’eman has just released its expanded Sukkos Edition 5778 packed with quality reading content for the entire family.

At $3, Yated Ne’eman remains the biggest bargain in Jewish publishing, and the latest edition is, once again, chock full of features that will entertain, inspire and uplift one’s entire family.

From Yerushalayim to Montreal, from Brooklyn to Lakewood, from the Five Towns to London, and everywhere in between, readers look to the Yated each week for scintillating features, insightful inspiration, and unparalleled news coverage.

The special Yated Yom Tov package of over 50,000 inches of quality reading material for the entire family includes the glossy Yated Magazine, containing features, human interest articles, and fiction and non-fiction stories from bestselling writers.

One will also find an expanded Chol Hamoed Guide and a special features supplement.

Some of the features in the not-to-be-missed Yated Sukkos Edition are:


A Generation with Great Fortune and Great Challenges

An exclusive interview with Rav Elya Brudny

The Majesty of Torah

An exclusive conversation with Rav Boruch Dov Povarsky

A Gem of Yerushalayim Shares His Memories

Rav Abish Eisen takes us on a fascinating historical journey to Eretz Yisroel of old

Just a Tiny Caribbean Island…

What about such a tiny islet would give it such a rich Jewish history?

From a Communist Prison to Navy Seal

Drago Dzieran describes his journey

A Talmid of 50 Years, A Rebbi for Life

R’ Nachum Gold reminisces about his rebbi, Rav Pam zt”l

Memories of Mir

An interview with Rav Zalman Rotberg zt”l

The Shul in Lifta Will Not Be Destroyed

The Yated visited the neighborhood to see the building that houses a decades-old shul and a relatively new yeshiva

The Interview Gemach

You may be passing yourself off as someone you’re not…

Food for Thought

Eleven stories to tantalize your spiritual taste buds

Festive Sukkos Menu

Recipes and food styling by Esther K.

Teacher’s Pet

The Yated speaks to the creator of Ziggawats

Picture Perfect

A chat with commercial photographer Hudi Greenberger

The Yated Shidduch Forum

How can “freshies” determine if a shidduch has no shaychus?

And of course, the Yom Tov edition has all your weekly favorites: Editor’s View, Bashevkin, The Chinuch Roundtable, The Couch, Noted and Quoted…

And much, much more….

Be sure to pick up your copy at your local store and….enjoy!


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