Get Ready For The Auction!


Have you heard about the RCCS 2017 Auction?

You say you haven’t heard much said about it? That’s because #ThereAreNoWords to describe it!

You certainly have noticed the simple bumper stickers on cars throughout town which state simply: This Is The RCCS Bumper Sticker. Perhaps you’ve spotted signs around town that say: This Is The RCCS Auction Billboard

You may wonder: Why such simple slogans? Why so few words?

The answer is that #ThereAreNoWords to describe the pain cholei Yisroel and their families go through on a daily basis, nor can mere words describe how important it is for each and every one of us to do our part to help RCCS in their lifesaving work. Therefore, there is no need to use many words to describe the importance of the RCCS 2017 Auction campaign! And you need not use any words either. Just jump right in and join us!

We must admit, though, there are a few words that could be used to describe what’s on schedule for the RCCS live auction event. Here are some of them: Exciting. Amazing Inspirational. Moving. Soul-Stirring. Awesome…You get the picture!

The show will be hosted by the renowned orator who has inspired thousands worldwide, Rav Gav Friedman. He will be joined by a well-known community activist and motivational force, R’ Chaskel Bennett.

Guess who else can be a star of the show? You!

That’s right, anyone with a great talent was able to apply to join “Team Talent”, a sensational talent show. The live show will blow you away with a new generation of fresh, innovative talent that will make your head spin. From music, to acrobatics, to magic tricks, the contestants of Team Talent will be paying tribute to talent that brings joy to Cholei Yisroel by bringing a breathtaking array of entertainment capabilities to the stage.  

The gifted contestants will be judged by a panel of all-star celebrity judges. Jake Turx, Ami Magazine’s Washington Correspondent who is never at a loss for words, will certainly have a lot to say about each contestant. His trademark humor will come in handy to help keep the show fun and entertaining, and make sure a good time is had by all.

Two other judges come from the music world. Jewish music legends Yossi Green and Eli Gerstner will be there to appraise the competitor’s skills and give their expert opinion on all the acts – with a special eye on the musical entrants. David Blatt, world-famous mentalist and illusionist, will also be a guest star. With his uncanny ability to “read thoughts” and “predict the future”, perhaps he’ll even know who’s going to win before the show begins.

That’s only a small glimpse of the hours of fun that awaits. All-star musical performances, inspirational messages, moving first-hand accounts of dealing with illness, and informative panels will keep you spellbound well into the night will all be part of the incredible evening.

The night will light up with grand surprises and mind-blowing entertainment – for the sole purpose of lighting up the lives of cholei Yisroel. Yes, #ThereAreNoWords that need to be spoken. But, on Dec. 11, we will raise our voices and help shine a ray hope for our brothers and sisters in pain.

As we count down the days, join the momentum by visiting or 877-332-2808 to secure your free gifts and a chance at winning fabulous prizes. Every dollar you donate will bring crucial relief to a distressed cancer patient. And who knows, you just may win big!

Tune in at 877-332-2808 or visit tonight, December 11 for a thrilling night loaded with heart and wonder!



  1. Is this toradik? Using goyishe themes in order to raise money? Is this what it has come down to? Are we relying on marketing companies to tell us how to run our yiddishkeit? Has all shame left us? We are takeh a lost dor. No one is guiding u$. Money talk$. $hame.


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