Get Refusal Now a Criminal Offense in Israel


Israel’s State Prosecutor Shai Nitzan has issued a new directive making it a criminal offense for someone to ignore a beis din’s ruling to give or accept a get.

Offenders will be liable for the penalties outlined in article 287 of the penal code.

Director of the Rabbinate’s Botei Din Rav Shimon Yaakobi welcomed the decision.

“For the first time, Israel has imposed criminal proceeding against refusers and this is a significant advance in the fight against get refusers,” he said. “The botei din and the State Attorney’s Office worked hard together to create a new approach in the war against get refusal. The procedure will only be implemented after a beis din confirms that the criminal proceedings involve no concern for disqualification of the get. Get refusers and those who assist them can now know that they will have no rest until agunos are released.”

{ Israel}



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