Giffords Slams Congress Over Inaction After Latest Mass Shooting


Former Rep. Gabrielle Giffords on Sunday reacted to news of the mass shooting in Jacksonville, Fla., with a condemnation of Congress’s inaction on gun control.

“We do not have to accept these horrific acts of violence as routine,” Giffords, who was critically injured in a mass shooting in 2011, said in a statement. “Congress knows steps they can take to stop this madness. Too many of them simply lack the courage to act.”

Giffords is a leading gun control advocate and helped found Giffords, a non-profit organization that advocates for stricter gun regulations.

“The nation once again looks to Florida with grief and heavy hearts,” Giffords said. “The massacre in Jacksonville is a tragic reminder of the threats we face from gun violence, no matter who we are or where our day takes us. And it’s yet another devastating indictment of this country’s inability to keep our kids safe.”


Read more at The Hill.



  1. Hey Gaby. Why didn’t your hero, Barack Obama & Eric Holder do anything about it when they were in power? Stop politicizing every tragedy. Typical democrat.


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