Giuliani: Firing Mueller Would Look Too Much Like Watergate


President Donald Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani on Sunday said the White House won’t start firing people to kill special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation because it would raise parallels to “Watergate” and accused the FBI of criminal behavior.

“The president’s not going to fire them because that would be playing into the hands, of playing the victim, Watergate,” Giuliani said on “Fox News Sunday.” “They’re the Watergate. They’re the people who have committed the crimes.”

“We’re more convinced, as we see it, that this is a rigged investigation. Now we have this whole new ‘Spygate’ thing thrown on top of already legitimate questions,” he said on “State of the Union,” using Trump’s moniker for the scandal.

Read more at NY POST.



  1. Mueller should be fired because he’s a criminal himself (being involved in the uranium one scandal and covering up the 9/11 criminals) and should never have been allowed to be Special Counsel.


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