Giuliani: Obama’s Association with Sharpton Sends Anti-Police Signal


obama-sharptonFormer New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani appeared Sunday on CBS’ “Face the Nation” and said Al Sharpton’s presence next to Obama when discussing the police speaks volumes.

“If you would like to have a poster boy for hating the police it’s Al Sharpton,” Giuliani said. “You make Al Sharpton a close adviser, you’re gonna turn the police in America against you. You’re gonna tell the police in America: We don’t understand you.”

Giuliani had his own run-ins with Sharpton during his days as mayor, and has said he refused to legitimize him by bringing him to the table.

“You put Al Sharpton next to you, you just told everyone, I’m against the police,” he told Garrett.

Giuliani compared the Obama-Sharpton relationship to his days as a U.S. attorney fighting the mafia.

If “I had Joe Colombo sitting next to me, you would say I was a big hypocrite, wouldn’t you?” he asked.

Giuliani said Obama sends representatives to the funerals of people killed during the commission of crimes, but has not made any strong comments about the killings of NYPD officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu on December 20 by a man who vowed on social media to exact revenge on police for the death of Eric Garner during an arrest in Staten Island.


{ Newscenter}


  1. Well duh. Of course. Giuliani is %100 correct.
    It just goes to show that Obama/Holder hate this Country that gave THEM so much. Cant wait till they’re gone.

  2. Why is this called ‘sending a signal’? Why don’t they call it what it is? He is an enemy of the US and its people in any way possible. In his mind the US belongs to the blacks, immigrants and Arabs and he is doing his best to fix that. He’s not ‘sending signals’ he’s shouting loud and clear.


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