Giuliani: US-Grown Terrorists Are No Surprise


giuliani1The fact that the Boston Marathon bombings were the work of “homegrown terrorists” shouldn’t surprise anyone in the United States, former New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani says.

“This has been going on since 2005, 2006,” Giuliani said on NBC’s “Meet the Press” on Sunday. The London attack in 2005 was the result of homegrown terrorists, he noted. “That should have said to us, we’re going to have the same problem here.”

Though he thinks investigators have done an excellent job since the bombing, Giuliani said too many signals were missed beforehand.

“We shouldn’t be claiming, ‘Oh, my goodness, we just found this out,” Giuliani said. “We should be trying to figure out why the heck didn’t we react to this faster – three, four, and five years ago.

“You have to go where the evidence takes you,” he said when asked about ethnic profiling. Profiling is perfectly legal and legitimate when following leads and objective evidence, he said.

“If somebody tells you that the person who committed the crime is 6-foot-4 and he’s white, you don’t go look for a 5-foot-4 Asian,” he said. But he was quick to add that profiling shouldn’t be used “to smear someone.”

A significant number of terrorist attacks come from a “distorted Islamic extremist ideology. So you can’t ignore it.”

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  1. When terrorists grow up in the US or enter as students, immigrants, etc., they sometimes have trouble getting up-to-date training materials on the Web. So our wonderful government allows them to take long trips overseas to bone up on terror methods and technology. As it would be really gauche to follow their trail, our crack security agencies modestly look away.


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