Glick Tells Fellow Activists to ‘Stay Strong’


yehuda-glickYehuda Glick, the Temple Mount activist who was shot at close range a week and a half ago, continues to recover at Shaare Tzedek Medical Center in Jerusalem – and has told fellow activists to “stay strong.”

Glick still cannot talk, but he now corresponds with family and friends visiting by writing on a whiteboard, Arutz Sheva reported.

Channel 2 reported that Glick’s friend and associate, the journalist Arnon Segal, who is also a prominent activist on the Har Habayis rights issue, visited Glick Monday – and that Glick urged him to “be strong.”

{ Israel}


  1. #2 I agree
    We are in Galus
    Inciting the arabs to violence makes you a rodef, not a hero.
    Hashem doesn’t want us to fight for our “rights”, he wants our tefillos

  2. There is a stiriking connection to Har HaBayis activists in last weeks parsha.

    Avraham Avinu ascended Har HaMoriah to bring Yitzchak as a Korban. Similarly, all of the recent terror victims are the korbanos of those who today ascend Har HaMoriah.

    A few small differences, of course – such as the fact that Avraham did so as a Navi and because G-d instructed him to do so, and in the end he did not shecht Yitzchak; but Har HaBayis activists may consider themselves Neviim too. After all, if we act as though Mashiach is here, why not act as though we are Neviim as well.

  3. I see. We now cow tow to the enemy and they will not harm us. “Me” you seem to have never read a history book nor do you seem to understand ?? ???? ?????

  4. He should have a refuah shelaima but the bottom line is he is a rodef and he is flirting with a eisur of caras. I am surprised that is reporting what he’s telling his”fellow activist”.

  5. he should have a refuah shlaima mehaira – including his head! he is not only endangering himself with his “activism” he is endangering the whole yishuv as well as yidden all over the world. going up to har habayis is not and never has been a ???? ??? ????? and doing this especially in such a high profile is provoking animals who have no value for human life. we are witnessing the results of such misplaced idealism and activism with a rise in terrorist attacks here in eretz yisroel as well as a rise inn antisemtism world over. yehuda – you have no right to endanger your life for such a cause, let alone the lives of countless others.

  6. To moderator don’t post but I really think you should not report comments of people going against halacha and putting other people in Danger

  7. #6 Isaac Balbin
    I have, and i do.
    The very possuk you quoted is a contradiction to everything these people stand for. But i guess you didnt realise that.
    You are the confused one here.
    You may (or may not) understand “history”, but you are sorely lacking in your understanding of hasgocha. You tell me which one is more important to understand!


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