Goldfeder Urges All NYS Insurance Companies to Help Residents Prepare for Potential Future Storms


goldfederNew York – In effort to continue to hold insurance companies accountable in the aftermath of Sandy, Assemblyman Phil Goldfeder (D-Rockaway) has called on all top insurance carriers to provide an update on their disaster response measures taken and contingency plans for residents to prepare for potential future storms.

“Worse than the destructive path of Sandy was the complicated insurance process that followed,” said Assemblyman Phil Goldfeder. “Our families’ recovery should not be delayed because companies are overwhelmed and confused by their own policies and regulations. Many insurance carriers agreed to streamline their service and create more transparency after Sandy and now it’s time to hear the changes they made.”

Assemblyman Phil Goldfeder sent a letter inviting all the major insurance carriers to discuss their policy improvements at a public forum and educate residents on their own insurance coverage in the event of another disaster. When Sandy hit in 2012, thousands of Queens families and businesses were destroyed and held in limbo for months by the same insurance companies that were supposed to be helping them rebuild. We must ensure these companies have put in place the necessary changes to prepare themselves and their customers for future disasters, Goldfeder noted.


“After a storm the last thing a homeowner needs is to struggle with their insurance carrier, this should be the easy part of recovery, I am curious to see how much change they are willing to implement,” said Jonathan Gaska, district manager of Community Board 14.

In June 2013, Assemblyman Goldfeder and his colleagues passed a comprehensive Sandy insurance legislative package to reform the insurance process and hold insurance companies to a higher standard of accountability. Included in the package was the homeowner’s bill of rights which would educate consumers about property and casualty insurance coverage, provide them with easy-to-understand policies and require the Department of Financial Services (DFS) to establish a Consumer’s Guide on Insuring Against Catastrophic Loss.

“We can’t prevent another disaster, but we can help ensure that our families and businesses are protected from any unfair insurance practices,” concluded Goldfeder. “This is one step that will help educate our community and continue to hold insurance companies accountable. I strongly urge all insurance carriers to attend my public forum and immediately provide an update on how they intend to help customers in the event of another disaster.”

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