Good Riddance: IDF Eliminates Global Gazan Jihad ‘Cop Terrorist’


jihad-terroristsIn a joint IDF-ISA operation, a Global Jihad-affiliated terrorist was targeted by an IAF aircraft in the northern Gaza Strip.

Mahmed Awwar, 33 years old, a resident of Beit Lahia, has been involved in many rocket attacks against Israel over the past few years and during the past month especially. While taking part in these attacks, Awwar was employed by Hamas as a policeman.

The infrastructure Awwar was a part of carried out the rocket attack against the city of Sderot and the communities in southern Israel during Pesach this year on April 21.

This terror infrastructure is a violent and extremist Salafi cell which has carried out several rocket attacks and has attempted to implement diverse terror attacks against Israel as well as attempts to target a helicopter. The preemptive strike was intended to prevent Awwar from executing further attacks he had planned against Israel.

Lt. Col. Peter Lerner, IDF Spokesperson, remarked, “Since January, over 200 rockets were launched from Gaza at Israel, indicating a significant increase compared with the previous year, during which over 100 rockets were launched. This operation, conducted following intense efforts and precise preparations, is a part of the ongoing IDF efforts aimed to diminish terror elements in the strip, and maintain security for the civilians of the State of Israel.”

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. When is the UN going to condemn them already? How dare Israel eliminate one of their enemies; a notorious killer!?? This is a war crime! Where is the Hague in Kup-in-hanging??


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