Google Signs $1 Billion NASA Lease


google-carGoogle has signed a $1.16 billion deal with NASA to use Moffett Airfield in Northern California for space exploration and robotics development. The tech giant will also pay $200 million to restore Hangar One, which preservationists have been trying to save for years.

Google was already using Moffett Airfield to base its private aviation fleet, but the company has not gone into too many specifics about what will be the main projects at its vast new space. However, industry experts say it’s not hard to guess the companies’ aim.

“Google has a growing interest in robotics, drones, balloons, and anything that can beam Internet down from the sky-and this is a great location to test many of those things,” writes The Verge.  Read more at The Verge.

{Andy Newscenter}


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