GOP Lawmaker: Trump Should Win Nobel Prize If North Korea Disarms


Rep. Luke Messer said Thursday that President Trump “should be well on his way” to winning the Nobel Peace Prize if he is successful in prompting North Korea to disarm its nuclear capabilities.

“If North Korea talks lead to concrete action, President Trump should be well on his way to his own Nobel Peace Prize,” Messer said in a statement. “North Korea is signaling for the first time a willingness to discuss disarming its nuclear capabilities. If this happens, it would be a direct result of President Trump’s strong leadership and decisive action toward the brutal North Korean tyrant.”

“Meaningful talks would be more progress than we saw during the entire Obama Administration,” Messer added. “President Obama received a Nobel Peace Prize in 2009 for being a charming presidential candidate. If North Korea disarms, President Trump’s Nobel Peace Prize would be well deserved.”

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    • Yeah, because why should someone who gets a dictatorship to give up nukes get a Nobel prize? Lol, we all know you only get the Nobel prize for being elected if you’re black.

  1. As someone who only voted for President Trump because the alternative was unthinkable but had absolutely no expectaions of him and did expect to watch the country become a clown show during his tenure, I wholeheartedly wilthdraw that concept and wish we had had him as president many years ago. He is accomplishing what no one ever thought possible on a steady basis. Kol Hakovod Mr. Trump. I believe we should start showing him more respect and refer to him either as President or Mr. Trump and not just Trump. He deserves our respect.

  2. Obama did nothing? What a racist thing to say! He’s only saying that because Mr. Obama is black. Mr. Messer should be charged with a hate crime!

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