GOP: ‘Smoking Gun’ Benghazi Email Proves White House ‘Cover-Up’


Hkg7812141Republicans charged Tuesday that an email in which a White House official advises former U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice to link the 2012 Benghazi attack to an anti-Muslim video confirms the linkage was fabricated to help President Barack Obama’s re-election.

“This email is a smoking gun,” Sen. Lindsey Graham told Newsmax. “It shows political operatives in the White House working to create a political narrative at odds with the facts.

“Their goal was not to tell the truth about what actually happened,” Graham said Tuesday. “They did not want to provide the best information available.

“Instead, we were provided the most beneficial political story for President Obama.”

New Hampshire Sen. Kelly Ayotte told “On the Record With Greta Van Susteren” on Fox News Channel: “We always said, ‘Where did the video reference come from?’ Now we know it came from the White House” and not the intelligence community.

Both Graham and Ayotte are members of the Senate Armed Services Committee. They have been among the many Republicans who have called for an independent investigation of the attacks on Sept. 11, 2012, that killed Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans, including two former Navy SEALS.

Oklahoma Sen. Jim Inhofe, the panel’s ranking GOP member, told Newsmax: “This was a cover-up, and these e-mails only continue to confirm my belief.”

“The emails show that in the days after the attack in Benghazi, Libya, the White House was more focused on protecting President Obama than informing Americans about the terrorist attack that left Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans dead.”

The email, dated Sept. 14, 2012, was among more than 100 pages of documents released by Judicial Watch on Tuesday. It shows White House Deputy National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes advising Rice, who now is Obama’s national security adviser, to focus on the YouTube video as the cause of a spontaneous protest that led to the attack.

But previously released emails show senior defense officials told the administration on the night of the attack that it was terrorism linked to al-Qaida and that no protest had occurred.

Read more at NEWSMAX.

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  1. The Obama Administration — particularly Secretary of State Clinton — pathological lying in response to the four vicious murders in Benghazi will always be national disgrace.

    And the criminal Liberal media was very much complicit in this extraordinary cover-up in trying to pull the wool over our eyes.

  2. To Redstate:

    Unfortunately Hillary will be the next President, regardless. She will win overwhelmingly. The RINO’s who control the Republican Party will put up another McCain/Romney type, go back to their golf game, and the Country will continue its downward slide. Its too bad the Conservatives have been shut out. We’re done!

  3. Meth has made its way from Hawaii to the White House. The White House staff has been using Meth for several months. There are signs posted around the White House to tell people to stop using the Meth.


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