Graham: Administration Still Lying About Benghazi


sen-lindsey-grahamSen. Lindsey Graham said Sunday the Obama administration is still hiding information about the 2012 attacks on a U.S. diplomatic post in Benghazi, Libya, and even lying to the American people.

An email written by top White House national security aide Ben Rhodes asked U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice to emphasize on the Sunday shows that the attacks killing four Americans stemmed from a spontaneous demonstration and not terrorism. Rhodes advised to “underscore that these protests are rooted in an Internet video and not a broader failure of policy.”

The email sparked a new GOP-led panel investigation into the attacks. And House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) has subpoenaed Secretary of State John Kerry to testify.

“If it were up to the White House, you would have never known about this email,” the Republican senator from South Carolina said on CBS’s “Face the Nation.” “Congress subpoenaed all documents relating to Benghazi in August, and 20 months later they’re hiding things. I mean, they say this email doesn’t matter. These are the same people that tried to hide it.”

“And what was the purpose of this email?,” Graham asked. “To protect the White House politically from the damage that could’ve been done from the truth coming out about Benghazi, six, seven weeks before the election …

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  1. “An open and transparent government” was Obama’s mantra in January of 2009.

    Since then, this Obama Administration has been anything but transparent; rather, it has been deceitful, full of false statements and cover-ups, and has shown nothing but contempt for the United States Constitution (which, by the way, the President swore [twice] to uphold).

    This Administration is a collection of silver-tongued devils manipulate the facts and muddy any scintilla of transparency that might exist.

  2. Would you think that Lindsey Graham is more refined with or without his snot raging in his mind. This guy is like a penny that wont go into the piggy back for sake of a violent revulsion at being classified as “just another coin”. Leave it to Lindsey Graham to run the gauntlet of mixed freedom for catastrophe unheard. The worry of Benghazi is not who is to blame but rather what the world can receive on higher affinity.

    A bad mood is not a national priority. This guy and this topic is snot for the ages. How utterly disgusting.

    More people died from Mr. Grahams social negligence than the result of any poor response of the Secretary of State in an era of unpredictable vulnerable.

    Is he an American or just a transistor radio? Hard to tell.

    Terrible. Never Again.


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