Greece to Germany: Give Us Nazi Money



Jewish leaders in Greece say there are looking into how to reclaim money in reparations from Germany as part of bailout negotiations. When 58,585 Jews were sent to concentration camps they had to pay their own train fare, which totaled $27 million in today’s money. Greece’s Jewish leaders say they want to reclaim it, along with multiple decades of interest.

Greece has tried including reparations in past negotiations, but the new government of Alexis Tsipras has made it a central focus.

The Germans, meanwhile, have dismissed the claims, arguing the issue was settled in the past. Read more.

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. Please remove the picture you’ve posted above. It has nothing to do with the article. If you are using it for the “shock” value, it is very inappropriate.

  2. The “new government of Alexis Tsipras” is led by a political party with a history of anti-Semitism and Israel bashing. I will believe this when it happens.


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