Greenfield and Community Board 12 Discuss “Through-Streets” With Sanitation Commissioner to Reduce Boro Park Traffic


greenfieldNew York – Recently Councilman Greenfield sat down with the new Department of Sanitation Commissioner Kathryn Garcia to tackle the biggest traffic issue Boro Park faces – trash pick-up. Community Board 12 Chairman Yidel Perlstein and District Manager Barry Spitzer also participated in the meeting to attest firsthand to the great need to address this problem. The morning traffic congestion in Boro Park is terrible, and it is simply caused by overcrowding. There are too many cars, school buses and garbage trucks on the road in the morning. Councilman Greenfield met with the Commissioner to review the situation and brainstorm to see if there were any solutions available such as adjusting trash pick-up times. The Commissioner pledged to study the trash pick-up routes in Boro Park to see if an adjustment can be made, such as creating ‘through-streets’ where no pick up will occur during the morning that motorists can use to avoid garbage trucks.

“The morning congestion in Boro Park is even worse than rush hour in Manhattan. It would be a huge victory for the community for Sanitation to agree to change their pick-ups even on a few streets and reduce traffic. My thanks to Commissioner Garcia for hearing our concerns, and I look forward to implementing her suggestions to improve the situation,” said Councilman David Greenfield.

“Traffic is the biggest quality of life issue we face in Boro Park. We had a productive conversation with Commissioner Garcia, and I feel confident that she will work to come up with a solution to the morning garbage pick-up that will alleviate our morning traffic,” said Yidel Perlstein, Chairman of Community Board 12.

Many people, including Councilman Greenfield, have suggested moving trash pick up to later in the day to allow residents and school buses to get to work and school on time. Councilman Greenfield met with former-Sanitation Commissioner John Doherty in 2010 to work on solutions to this issue. Unfortunately the Sanitation Department was not willing to make the necessary changes. When Mayor de Blasio was elected to office, Greenfield met with top officials in his administration who promised to take a second look at the issue. DSNY aims to present Greenfield with a plan to reduce traffic congestion in the early part of 2015.

While it is unlikely that DSNY will be able to push all trash collection to later in the day because of union negotiated working hours, one of the key suggestions that Greenfield has is ‘through streets.’ The idea is that several blocks in Boro Park should have no sanitation pick up during rush hour. These blocks would run from McDonald Avenue to Fort Hamilton allowing a ‘through-street’ through Boro Park that everyone could use to get in, out and through Boro Park reducing traffic on these blocks.

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  1. I guess as a great president was apt to say, “Success has many fathers, failure is an orphan.”
    We all wish them both continued hatzlacha.

  2. Will not help the school buses at all. Will they only pickup children on those streets?
    Just a face saver for the politicians. No solution at all.

  3. They should start with
    1. giving out big trash cans to every home just like they have in many towns (including lakewood nj).

    2. Street cleaning and pickup should be done the same time, ONLY once a week and on the same side of the street. With no cars parked on that side, it will allow faster pickups.

    3. Get the new sanitation trucks which need only one person to operate and work faster to pick up big garbage cans (As they have in Lakewood and other towns around the US)

    Street cleaning should have a smaller time frame and they should be scheduled.

  4. I don’t understand. When I was growing up in Boro Park I don’t remember it being this bad. and in those days you had stop signs on almost every corner. Why cant they push off till 10am when most chasidish schools start and the blocks that were effected from not being picked up let them pick up both sides of the street at the same time. Instead of having two wheels in the truck and one does the dirty work let them both do the dirty work and things may in prove.

    Would like to hear feedback.


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