Greenfield: Last Two Weeks for Non-Profits to File for Property Tax Exemptions


Brooklyn, NY –Councilman David G. Greenfield is reminding local non-profits including yeshivas and shuls to renew their tax exempt status to avoid being issued tax bills in 2018. The deadline for non-profits to file for exemption for the upcoming tax year is Wednesday, December 27th.

“Tax law is difficult, especially for small charities and non-profits,” Greenfield said. “But this part is simple: Every non-profit that owns property needs to renew their text exempt status, and they need to do it as soon as possible.”

Part of the confusion is due to a recent change in policy. At one time, City law allowed for uninterrupted tax-exempt status, and some institutions have yet to get used to the new renewal process. In past years, Greenfield has worked with non-profits that missed the tax exemption deadline, negotiating with the Department of Finance to ensure that non-profits are recognized as such. However, Greenfield warned, it can be a time-consuming process that may end up costing thousands of dollars in late fees.

“Save you organization the money and the work by applying now,” Greenfield said. “Applications can be submitted online, or you can follow the instructions sent to you from the City. It really couldn’t be easier. Just do it now or else it won’t be as easy.”

The DOF details how non-profits can apply for tax-exempt status online. The website is: The DOF also sends notice through mail and email to all non-responsive organizations with more details prior to the deadline.

Any organization with questions about this process is urged to contact the Office of Councilman Greenfield immediately for details on how to renew their tax-exempt status. Greenfield’s staff is experienced in these issues and ready to help. Councilman Greenfield’s office can be reached at (718) 853 2704.



  1. Reb Dovid,
    It’s hard for us to let you go onto your next venture!
    You don’t owe us to have stayed on but you did spoil us! We’ve become accustomed to the public servant being just that, a public servant, and not a “just-to-be-yotzeh” kavid job. You genuinely care about the public and now you’re leaving us with someone else! We will miss you: we will sorely miss you!


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