Gross Family Celebrates Birth of Son One Year After Fumigating Tragedy


yael-and-avigail-grossShmuel and Michal Gross, whose two daughters died from rat poison left behind in their Yerushalayim  residence last year, are now the parents of a new baby.

The girls, Avigail and Yael, ages 2 and 4, succumbed to the accidental poisoning that also seriously affected their brothers, ages 5 and 7, who recovered.

A pesticide worker had fumigated the Gross apartment with an unusually high dosage of aluminum, phosphide and then left the toxic material in an enclosed bomb shelter, which was not effective enough to prevent the poison from spreading throughout the apartment.

Below is a video of the grieving parents as they left the hospital with their sons last year.

Gross ,speaking in Hebrew, said: “We are going home today with two healthy, whole children, something that is hard to believe and we are grateful that we are here to see this day. On the other side, it is hard not to have thoughts of Avigail and Yael. During this time we have practically not left the hospital but we have felt the enormous love and the influence of the many tefillos [prayers] that have been said for the boys and a tremendous sense of achdus [unity]. This has given us the fortitude to continue during this difficult time and we feel that we are part of a very special nation.”

The Jewish Press

{ Israel}


  1. Mazel Tov. Hashem runs the world. May you keep finding joy in your life and may this baby be a treist. Klal Yisroel will never forget about your innocent girls who had such a short life, However, their soul lives on.


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