Groups Petition Israeli High Court For Expanded ‘Egalitarian Prayer Section’ At the Kosel


The Masorti (Conservative) Movement in Israel, the Israel Movement for Reform and Progressive Judaism, and the Women of the Wall prayer rights group brought a petition to Israel’s High Court of Justice in an effort to force the expansion of the existing egalitarian prayer section at the Kosel.

The petitioners are requesting that the court overrule last summer’s decision by Israel’s governing coalition to freeze the implementation of a plan that would change the access point to the existing egalitarian section, as well as transfer administration of the egalitarian section to a council of Conservative and Reform rabbis. The petitioners are also requesting that sifrei Torah and talleisim be allowed into the women-only section.

The egalitarian section’s access point is currently located just outside the perimeter of the gender-separated prayer plaza. The government did not agree to move the access point adjacent to the entrance to the current women-only prayer section, but agreed to implement part of the plan that would increase the size of the mixed-gender section. The mixed section gets little use compared to the more popular gender-separated sections.




  1. Have yet to see the WOW even use the mixed area as they want to be in the gender separated area to be able to provoke worshipers.We Israeli taxpayers already forked out millions of shekels for their section which they never have enough people to fill even if they’d use it.NO MORE MONEY to waste on Hellenists!


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