Gunmen Attack Canada’s Capital


ottawaAt least one gunman attacked Canada’s capital today, wounding and killing a Canadian soldier and opening fire inside the nation’s parliament.

The gunman shot the soldier who was standing guard at the National War Memorial. Then the gunman went inside the main parliament building and opened fire (as captured on video below). Police say the gunman was killed inside but that they believe there is more than one assailant. Shots were then fired at a mall near parliament.

Downtown Ottawa is on lockdown as police search for the other gunman. (The U.S. Embassy is also on lockdown.) Members of the armed forces have been ordered to stay out of uniform while in public.

The attack comes two days after a radicalized Muslim struck two Canadian soldiers with his car in Quebec, killing one of them. Earlier on Wednesday, the Canadian government raised its terror threat alert from low to medium. Read more at CBC News.

{Andy Newscenter}


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