Guns to Be More Deadly than Cars


carsUsually when people describe slim odds, they say it’s more likely you’ll die in a traffic accident. So listen up, gun-lovers: By 2015, gun deaths will exceed traffic fatalities in America, according to a Bloomberg News study. While car-related deaths have dropped 22 percent from 2005 to 2010, gun deaths have spiked. The study estimates that in 2015 there will be about 33,000 shooting deaths, while only 32,000 traffic deaths. What’s been making it safer to drive? Public policy. Read more at Bloomberg News.

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. And public policy has also made it easier to own guns – including combat weapons – that you can keep at home where your ten-year-old or depressed teenager can get at them. Guns kill more suicides than they do homicide victims, too, so if you have a depressed teenager ch”v you’d better make sure that gun is locked up very, very securely.

  2. Despite the claims of self-proclaimed “Oldtimer” guns don’t kill anybody. 99% of people murdered by other people with guns are drug dealers and gang members shooting each other. This is not necessarily bad. In contrast, drunk driving and driving while on drugs, texting, shaving, reading the newspaper etc. kills innocent people.

    Combat weapons have not been made easier to purchase. The same law has been in place since 1934, nobody can own automatic weapons without a federal permit and a transfer tax, and many states have restricted the ownership of these guns above and beyond federal restrictions. Before 1934 anybody could walk into a hardware store with 25 dollars and come out with a Thompson submachine gun. The reason there were no mass murders in schools in those is because people had ethics and morals. But gangsters were still killing each other.

    You are looking at symptoms and calling them root causes. You’re dangerously stupid, you’re ignorant of the facts on all counts, and your continual pontificating and failure to man-up and face the root cause continues to endanger people as you divert attention from solving the problem to a baseless, personal fear of the unknown.

    According to the schools, everybody is depressed and they put all the kids on ritalin or other drugs. Drugs aren’t the answer, they’re part of the problem. People not listening to kids is the problem. You want to avoid the blame and sidestep the issue by blaming inanimate objects, instead of the people who misuse them. That’s misguided, wrong, and dangerous.

    You’re watching too many Hollywood movies that ought not to have been made. You don’t understand anything about guns and not about human nature. You’re part of the problem.

    Remove violence from mainstream media, tv, movies, and video games. Don’t teach kids that killing and maiming is normal or should be glorified. They’re feeding you abominations and this is the result. Where were your self-righteous comments then?

    People have to be taught the value of human life. The separation of “Church and State” was never intended to outlaw religion in schools, as it has effectively been misused to do. It was intended to prevent the State from being in the religion business, and from advocating for one religionan and criminalizing another one. Without prayer and belief in a Higher Power, human life cannot and will not continue.

    All the laws in the world don’t stop criminals. Is it illegal to blow up office buildings? Over 4,500 people were murdered at the WTC disaster. According to you, we should outlaw office buildings, because no gun has ever been used to kill 4,500 people. Office buildings, airplanes, etc. kill far more people far faster than the most deadly so-called “combat weapon”.

    As long as people are as ignorant, dependent, selfish, and misguided as you, I have very little hope things will not improve.

    Your comments are not only misguided and factually incorrect, they’re also completely un-American. You would be better off living in Japan, where people expect to be serfs and say “how high!” when they’re told to jump. Antisemitism is caused by left-wing irreligious “Jews” who are not good citizens. You’re not helping the situation.

    I request the editor either print my comments as-is or omit them entirely. Thank you.


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