Haaretz Writer ‘Wins’ 2012 Prize for ‘Dishonest Reporting’


gideon-levyThe HonestReporting website, which tracks media bias against Israel, awards Haaretz writer Gideon Levy the “Dishonest Reporting Prize” for 2012.

The media watch site explained that although it traditionally cites only international media for faulty reporting, it cited Levy as the worst offender this year because foreign media often base their reports on Haaretz, the most popular radical left-wing newspaper in Israel.

The newspaper denies it is anti-religious or anti-Zionist, but only the most left-wing liberals, and non-Israelis who do not know much about the country, could view it otherwise. Gideon Levy is arguably its top writer for writing articles that are against Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, Orthodox Jews, “settlers” and just about anything in Israel while there is a non-left administration.

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  1. Haaretz is a terrible left- wing rag.
    It is presently owned ny European Goyim.
    They allow comments from blatant anti-semites.
    But if you try to post a pro-Israel staement or pro-religous staement they will NOT print it.
    I know. I have tried many times and been censored. So I stopped reading their trash.


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