Half A Million Free Copies Of Anti-Netanyahu Paper To Be Distributed Friday



The Silent Majority (Harov Hadomem) movement will distribute 500,000 free copies of a “newspaper” Friday as part of an attempt to bring out voters against Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu, Haaretz reports. 

The freebie is called Yisrael Mahar (Israel Tomorrow) – referring to the day after next Tuesday’s election – a play on the name of Israel Hayom (Israel Today), the free paper backed by casino magnate Sheldon Adelson known for its support of Netanyahu.

The paper will be distributed directly to people’s mailboxes and also will be handed out all over the country on Friday.

Israel Tomorrow is designed to look like the front page of a newspaper on March 18, the day after the election, and the front page is dedicated to celebrating saying goodbye to Netanyahu. The paper is filled with “articles” about why not to vote for Netanyahu. There is also a satirical ad supposedly from the Adelson family mourning the fall of the government, saying “we have lost the country.” Read more at HAARETZ.

{Matzav.com Israel}


  1. Actually, YNET has been coughing up stories about anything that could make it look like Israelis are unhappy with the Govnmnt. for weeks already.
    Yesterday the self-hating tom friedman wrote an article implying that adelson controls the narrative in Israeli media- in support of Bibi. Talk about myopic…

  2. In America there is alsoa free newspaper spreading propaganda. It is called the Jewish Week (or”weak”). For a small donation t the UJA you can hear religious Jews bashed for 12 months straight. While abberant intermarried Jews are glorified for social consciousness….along side articles pondering what can be done to foster Jewish continuity and involve youth in Israel and religion. Go figure.

  3. they are not the “silent majority” ,they are the same secular,anti-religious,leftist Ashkenazi minority that ran this country for decades and they’re just upset that the collective religious or traditional,more right wing-leaning,sephardi majority had enough of their paternalism and prejudice and will run the country with truer Jewish values now!


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