Hamas: ‘All Israelis Now Legitimate Targets’


hamas“The occupation began this aggression and we have the right to defend ourselves.” Those were the words of a member of Hamas’ leadership this week in a series of statements from the group attempting to justify the sharp increase in hostilities. The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) twitter feed posted the story from the Jerusalem Post early this morning:

Hamas spokesman: “All Israelis have now become legitimate targets.” JPOST

Overnight, Hamas rockets struck the farthest into Israel they have ever reached. Multiple Hamas sources confirmed their intent to continue the onslaught (emphasis added):

Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri accused Israel of perpetrating “massacres” against women and children in Khan Yunis.

Referring to an Israel Air Force bombing of a house belonging to a Hamas operative, Abu Zuhri said: “The Khan Yunis massacre against women and children is an ugly war crime. All Israelis have now become legitimate targets.”

Israel has promised to meet force with force, with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ordering the military to “take off the gloves.”




  1. …and for once and for all, the IDF should keep their gloves off until they finish the job, or else the billions of NIS spent on this operation will have been all but wasted!

  2. Come on Israelis out there it’s time to build a machine that sends the rockets back to where they came from before they explode.
    It is a miracle truly the hand of Hashem that there are no casualties, but this situation is still unbearable. It’s time we stand up for ourselves and pray the Ribono shel olam stands with us to fight back without taking into account what the world has to say

  3. It is not good when the mission of a monster is to be complicit in the murder and death of all of the living. I can only hope that Mr. Netanyahu expands this campaign and builds more jails. No one can tolerate hatred. This is uncontrolled hate and there must be intolerance for the fact that we live in a time when the enemy has it in his bigger plan to be in your house with an axe. Never Again.

  4. OK Kahana was right.

    Sarcastically= we should give them more land

    The entire Gaza land giveaway was a fiasco. I wonder if Peres will admit that now?


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