Hamas Claims PA Fomenting Unrest In Gaza


IMG_0300The Ministry of Interior in Gaza on Wednesday accused Palestinian Authority officials in Ramallah of instigating unrest in the Gaza Strip after a suspect attempting to allegedly set off a bomb was arrested.

 Iyad al-Bezem, Hamas minister of interior, said Naim Deib al-Ful, 55, was detained in the al-Shujaiyeh neighborhood after attempting to set off an explosive attached to a car.
The minister claimed that the suspect admitted under interrogation that he was given orders from Ramallah-based PA officials, notably Major General Sami Nasman, adviser to the head of PA intelligence for Gaza.
Al-Bezem also claimed that President Abbas’ adviser on religious affairs, Mahmoud al-Habbash, was involved, without providing further details.
“The same entities have recently tried to take advantage of the regional conflicts to create a state of chaos in the Gaza Strip through creating groups with different names and forms,” al-Buzem said, alluding to recent strife in Gaza.
The Hamas minister said several suspects have been involved in disturbances after being recruited by elements in the PA.
“Gaza security services will use an iron fist against anyone who tempt to mess up with Gaza security,” he added.
Palestinian Authority officials have not responded to the claims.
On Saturday, a Salafist group calling itself the “Sheikh Omar Hadid-Bayt al-Maqdis,” claimed that its fighters had fired a Katyusha 130 rocket at Ashkelon on Saturday evening.
The statement is the second released by the group, after another last week claimed responsibility for an earlier rocket fired at Ashkelon.
Since last summer’s devastating war in Gaza, there have been growing signs of internal unrest between Hamas security forces and other militant groups, with a string of small-scale explosions.Many of the more recent attacks are believed to be the work of Salafis who have made a name for themselves as unafraid to challenge Hamas, seeking to outbid them in the fight against Israel and the defense of Islam.
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