Hamas Executes 18 Gaza Palestinians for “Collaboration” with Israel


hamas-executesThe armed wing of Hamas has executed 18 Palestinians Friday for allegedly collaborating with Israel during the Gaza war, Gaza sources said, after a website close to the movement reported three were killed and seven arrested Thursday.

Friday’s killings came a day after Israel killed three top Hamas military commanders in an airstrike on a house in southern Gaza Strip. Israel’s intelligence services rely, in part, on informers to pinpoint the whereabouts of Hamas leaders, and

Hamas has vowed revenge for their deaths.

Hamas lining up victims for execution.

Photo: Reuters

Photo: Reuters

Hamas militants killed seven Palestinians suspected of collaborating with Israel in a public execution in a central Gaza square on Friday, witnesses and a Hamas website said, the first public executions in the Palestinian enclave since the 1990s.

The victims, their heads covered and hands tied, were shot dead by masked gunmen dressed in black in front of a crowd of worshippers outside a mosque after prayers, witnesses and al-Majd, a pro-Hamas website, said.

Near the scene of the execution, Hamas’ men attached a note serving as a general indictment for the ‘collaborators’: “They provided the enemy with information about the whereabouts of fighters, tunnels of resistance, bombs, houses of fighters and places of rockets, and the occupation bombarded these areas killing a number of fighters… Therefore, the ruling of revolutionary justice was handed upon him.”

Photo: Reuters

Photo: Reuters

Photo: Reuters

The Hamas-run website Al Rai said earlier that 11 others were killed by firing squad and warned that “the same punishment will be imposed soon on others.” They were killed by gunmen at an abandoned police station in Gaza earlier on Friday, Hamas security officials said.

It suggested a link between the killing of the alleged informers and Israel’s targeting of top Hamas leaders, saying that “the current circumstances forced us to take such decisions.”

The Majd website quoted a senior security official in the enclave as saying seven people had been arrested on suspicion of scoping out targets for Israel and that three others had been shot dead. No date was given for the executions or the arrests but the statement was made Thursday.

Earlier on Friday, 11 suspected collaborators were shot dead at an abandoned police station, a Hamas security official said. At the site, Reuters saw two bodies being loaded onto an ambulance before being told to leave the area.

The Palestinian Center for Human Rights in Gaza denounced the killings.

Hundreds showed up to view the public executions. (Photo: Reuters)

Photo: Reuters

Photo: AFP

“We demand the Palestinian National Authority and the resistance (Palestinian armed factions) to intervene to stop these extra-judicial executions, no matter what reasons and the motives are,” Raji al-Surani, the chairman of the organisation, said in a statement.

Al Majd website reported on August 6 that “a number” of Palestinian collaborators had been killed, again without giving a date.

Al Rai, however, said they were killed after the completion of “legal procedures,” suggesting a hastily arranged hearing.

Photo: AFP

Moments after the executions in Gaza.

Moments after the executions in Gaza.

On July 13, witnesses in the southern city of Rafah reported seeing gunmen kill a man in the middle of the street in another incident which appeared to be the execution of a suspected collaborator.

Under Palestinian law, collaborating with Israel, murder and drug trafficking are punishable by death. In May, Hamas announced the execution of two men accused of being collaborators, saying they had been executed in accordance with the law.

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  1. Now we will have 18 families who will hate chamas and help israel….(very doubtful that all 18 were collaboraters….dumb arabs wouldn’t be able to catch them so quick….) either way, for 100 shekels Israel will find new ones….

  2. Where is that dog Susan Rice? Why hasn’t she condemned the killing of these inoccent “men”, “fathers”, “son’s”, “brothers”, “friends”??? WHY THE SILENCE BY SUSAN RICE?!!! The Obama administration is truly Evil! I hope they face War Crime charges!

  3. This is their answer and “solution” to everything. Murder.

    It is extremely difficult to believe that there was actual evidence against these victims. Even if there was, what much do they feel they have to lose? What good is there life under Hamas? The Haimisim are really only good at that. Murder.

  4. Please don’t say “executed.” That word implies that there was a trial and that the defendants were found guilty and punished by execution.

    Whoever these people were, they were murdered. Not executed.


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