Hamas, Fatah Forge Gaza Unity Government


abbasHamas and Fatah have agreed on a unity government to take over in Gaza. The two Palestinian factions announced the deal following a breakthrough Thursday in talks held under the auspices of Egypt’s intelligence services.

The ceasefire between Israel and the Palestinians last month called for the Palestinian Authority led by Mahmoud Abbas to take over Gaza civil administration from Hamas, which took control of the strip in 2007 after sweeping election

gains. Fatah and Hamas say they have resolved issues that stymied a national unity government agreement reached in May. Those included the Palestinian Authority’s failure to pay salaries to Gaza’s public sector. A Fatah spokesman said all civil servants will be paid by the unity government.

Control of Gaza’s border crossings, another contentious issue, will be shared by the United Nations. Some 3,000 security-forces members employed by the Authority will be merged into Gaza’s security forces and tasked with running border crossings. Read more.

{Andy Heller-Matzav.com Newscenter}



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