Hamas Infiltrated International Aid Group, Stole Millions to Buy Weapons, Build Attack Tunnels


Hamas infiltrated the World Vision international aid organization in Gaza and redirected tens of millions of dollars – 60% of the organization’s budget – to its military wing to buy weapons and build attack tunnels, the Israel Security Agency (ISA) announced Thursday, the Jerusalem Post reports.

Funds stolen from World Vision were also used to build a military base in Gaza and pay the salaries of Hamas’ Al-Qassam Brigade members. In addition, packages of goods for poor Gazans were redirected to Hamas battalions.

Civil engineer Muhammad Halabi, who became head of World Vision’s Gaza branch in 2010, was the Hamas operative responsible. He was arrested in June at the Israel-Gaza border crossing. World Vision was unaware that it was being exploited, an ISA source stressed.

David Steger – Matzav.com Israel


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