Hamas Leaks Classified IDF Video Footage On Operation Protective Edge



Yesterday, Hamas leaked a second video in a span of three days showing footage from Israel’s Operation Protective Edge this summer.

On Thursday, a Palestinian website leaked a classified Israel Defense Forces (IDF) report on a Hamas naval commando attack during Operation Protective Edge, including specifics on the weapon systems the IDF used to foil the attack. The most recent video shows an incident that took place on July 19, in which terrorists infiltrated Israel in the area of the Be’eri Forest and attacked an army jeep from the 188th Brigade.

The video appears with Arabic subtitles. The IDF was still investigating the source of the security breach and declined to comment on the latest video. Following Thursday’s leak, the IDF called the video an “internal IDF debriefing report, whose leak is a serious incident that will be investigated and dealt with accordingly, not through the media.”


{Matzav.com Israel}


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