Hamas Text Messages: ‘We’ll Turn Gaza Into Your Cemetery’


hamasCellular warfare against Israel: The Islamic Jihad’s military wing said on Shabbos that it sent some 5,000 text messages to cellular phones allegedly owned by IDF soldiers.

The message read: “We will turn Gaza into your cemetery and make a Tel Aviv of flames. Al-Quds Brigades.” The message was written in Hebrew and contained many spelling mistakes.

Liron Aloni, 27, from Tel Aviv, was one of the people who received the message. “At 12:30 I got two messages one after the other. One was in Gibberish and the other was in Hebrew. I didn’t know what to do. I thought maybe I’d inform the police. The whole thing has turned into a joke between me and my friends.”

Aloni added she had no idea how Hamas got hold of her phone number. “I feel uncomfortable knowing that Hamas has my number, but I’m not scared. The fact that there were typos and errors in Hebrew made me realize that the message was probably authentic and not a friend trying to pull a prank or something.

“They’re trying to scare people, “Aloni noted, “but it doesn’t work. The IDF wouldn’t do such a thing and I think that those behind this initiative in the other side are teens rather than officials.”

{Matzav.com Israel News Bureau, with Ynet}


  1. Gaza is our cemetary. Its jewish land and it belongs to our ancestors who have graves there. Please realize this and make way to the next arab nation. You are welcome to leave.


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