Hank Aaron: Obama Opponents Akin to KKK


62276469Racists are still around today, only they’re wearing different clothes.

That was the sentiment shared by baseball Hall of Famer Hank Aaron in an interview Tuesday, likening Republican politicians opposing measures by President Barack Obama to the Ku Klux Klan.

Speaking to USA Today on the 40th anniversary of his breaking Babe Ruth’s home run record, the 80-year-old Aaron said America today is “not that far removed” from the racial intolerance of the mid-20th century.

“We can talk about baseball. Talk about politics,” Aaron said. “Sure, this country has a black president, but when you look at a black president, President Obama is left with his foot stuck in the mud from all of the Republicans with the way he’s treated.

“The bigger difference is that back then they had hoods. Now they have neckties and starched shirts.”

Aaron, 80, added that, “We have moved in the right direction, and there have been improvements,” when it comes to race relations, “but we still have a long ways to go in the country.”

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  1. Birds of placement are not fractured distant third paced relations. The reality is that Many are concerned about the Obama reasoning today. We are not your hope if you are the homerun hitter it seems, but we do hear the value of human sincerity. Mr. Obama is not a confused bird looking for a nest. There is no restitution for lost suffering when hate is the heart of the crime. Never Again.

  2. A Hanky you hit it out of the park….NOT!!Since when is a slugger a professor?and while we are at it Hank hitting a white ball with a black bat is something to be corrected.

  3. This is sad since this country has been so good to him. And I can almost bet that some of those republicans went to the ball games and paid for a ticket so they can see him play ball. Too bad for I bet he didn’t think that way when he was traveling with his ball team and every one thanked him.


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