Happiness Comes Cheap In Israel, New Study Finds


happy-smileIt costs less to be happy in Israel than anywhere else in the world, according to new rankings from the Bloomberg news agency.

The Bloomberg scale is based on statistics about living standards published by the World Bank for 2010-2012, the per capita gross domestic product for each nation, and each country’s score on the Gallup happiness survey. The “price” of happiness in Israel stood at $4,491 per capita.

Happiness costs approximately $4,700 per person in Finland and Denmark, $5,119 in France, and $7,051 in the United States, according to the Bloomberg scale, which measured 23 nations. The highest happiness price was measured in Qatar, at $14,609 per capita.

Additionally, 72 percent of Israelis reported being happy with their lives, compared with the average happiness rate of 59 percent in other Western countries.


{Matzav.com Israel}


  1. What is the definition of happiness, that this article can put a price on it?

    My guess is that 100% of the people in the poll have no clue as to what true happiness is, and have rarely experienced it. I daresay that true happiness is INVERSELY proportional to material wealth.


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