Har Habayis ‘Activist’ Glick Blasts Police’s Treatment Of Jews At Holy Site


yehuda-glick3Yehudah Glick, the well-known promoter of Jewish access to the Har Habayis – despite the strong and unequivocal opposition to visiting the Har Habayis by virtually every noted posek of this generation and the previous one – and founder of the Temple Mount Heritage Foundation, blasted the Israeli police’s treatment of Jews in light of recent events at the holy site. He urged the police to “remember who is the real enemy here.”

On Sunday, three Jews were arrested for alleged incitement on the Temple Mount, for offenses which ranged from verbal insults to simply wearing a Jewish garment. Nobody was arrested for an assault on an Israeli police officer that took place there the same day.

The Jerusalem Post reported that a man was arrested for responding “Muhammad is a pig!” to an Arab mob shouting anti-Semitic slurs. He is the fourth Israeli to be arrested for making similar remarks, in a trend started by 20-year-old mother Aviya Morris last month.

A second individual, a 14-year-old boy, was detained for wearing the religious garment known as tzitzit over his clothing. Members of the Islamic Waqf (the Jordanian-run religious entity that administers the Temple Mount) complained to Israeli police about the teen, saying his attire violated regulations against wearing obvious religious symbols at the holy site. The Waqf officer warned police that the tzitzit would cause a “disruption” if noticed by other Muslim visitors. The boy, a resident of Beit El, was released unconditionally upon arrival at the nearby police station.

The third detainee visited the Temple Mount with his friend who is about to be married. He allegedly whispered the words of a Jewish song into the bridegroom’s ear, leading to his arrest. The song, traditionally associated with weddings for its reference to bridegrooms and brides celebrating together in Jerusalem, is taken from the book of Isaiah. According to The Jewish Press, the civil rights NGO Honenu had gone to the police to try to secure the 35-year-old’s release before his friend’s wedding.

“I strongly recommend that the Israeli policemen go for an ear examination,” Rabbi Glick told Breaking Israel News. “It seems that many of them suffer very severely from an ear illness called ‘selective hearing.’ They seem not to hear harassment, incitement, cursing of innocent Jews on the Temple Mount, but at the same time they will never miss a Jew mumbling to himself a word of prayer. We must remember who is the real enemy here, who wants to kill and who supports life.”

Following the arrests of the three Jews, an Israeli police officer was attacked with a wooden beam by Arabs at the Temple Mount. No arrests were reported in connection to the incident, which resulted in the officer sustaining minor injuries to his leg.


{Matzav.com Israel}


  1. It is really sick to think that other Jews not see R. Glick as an hero.
    I am very tired of the attacks on his holly work.
    Judaism is a religion of actions not only words.
    We pray in the direction of the Temple Mount we should go where our prayers go.
    I bet this website will not print my comments, it will be not a surprise.

  2. Surprise they did print your comments, how pathetic.did you ever make the effort to under stand why every leading posek has forbidden ascent to the temple mount, or why even when the temple was standing it’s access was restricted in the most part to the multitudes despite being the”house of prayer for all the nations “?


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