Har Habayis: New Facial Recognition Technology Replaces Metal Detectors


The Security Cabinet decided to remove the metal detectors and replace them with “smart security checks” at the entrance to the Har Habayis.

The Cabinet came to the decision to remove the metal detectors after accepting security body suggestions. In place of the detectors, advanced technological equipment will be put in place in order to increase the security at the site.

The Cabinet decided to increase police presence until the transfer had been completed in order to maintain visitors security. The Cabinet decided to implement a budget of 100 million shekels in order to implement the plan. Read more at JPOST.




  1. Losers!!!

    Bibi the weak (all talk, no action) leader capitulated again!!! ( on the expense of the Jews!)

    BTW who is paying the 100 million shekel?

    It seems like the money they took from Yeshivas are going to terror related incidents (Hashem runs the world!)


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