Hatzolah: New Kids’ Radio Puts Deadly Block on Frequency


cb radioA new radio sold in toy stores for children goes beyond listening in to Hatzolah calls, and at times has actually caused potentially deadly interferences with the rescue outfit’s radio frequencies, a Hatzolah official charged, Hamodia reports.

Herzka Halpert, the coordinator of Hatzolah of Boro Park, told Hamodia on Tuesday that they are urging parents not to purchase any radio that has the ability to transmit on the Hatzolah frequency, and confiscate them if their children already have them.

“These kids have already blocked the communications on a very serious call,” Hertzka said.

Hatzolah scanners have been around for decades. But the radios now have a new feature — a push-to-talk, or PTT, button — that allows users for the first time to actually talk back to the dispatcher or responding units.

In recent days, Hatzolah responders have been shocked to hear children’s chatter or babies crying in the middle of receiving instructions from the dispatcher.

{Matzav.com Newscenter}


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