Head of Israel Police Fraud Unit Commits Suicide


Ephraim BrachaDeputy Commissioner Ephraim Bracha, the head of the Israel Police’s National Fraud Unit, took his own life on Sunday morning, shooting himself in his car near his home in the city of Modiin.

The 55-year-old father of four was found by Magen David Adom paramedics in his vehicle in Rechov Emek Ha’ela, with a bullet through his heart.

A week ago, Channel 10 reported that the Police Internal Investigations Department was looking into claims that Bracha had given information about cases to suspects.

The department said that after looking into the matter it would decide whether or not to open an investigation against him.

Associates of Bracha said that he had recently been in a very negative emotional state due to media reports and accusations of wrongdoing in the well-publicized Pinto case.

A senior police officer told Walla that the force blamed the media for his death.

“You killed him with the reports and the leaks,” the unnamed officer said. “Words kill.”

Bracha, a key figure in the complex bribery scandal, testified that he had been offered a bribe in return for information about an investigation into a charity fund.

While it had been insisted that Bracha had taken the money, the police officer claimed he had reported the incident rather than accept the bribe.

Times of Israel

{Matzav.com Israel}


  1. Pretty horrible.

    I have had years of difficulty dealing with suicide. I have recently decided that the best thing to say when you hear of the news of a suicide is “shema yisrael”. It does not mean you of course approve of the holocaust by suicide and it does not mean you think that Hashem of course authorized the sick mind to do so. It means that G-d is our focus and that if someone tries to take our focus off of the living to show their arrogant demand of hate for Israel and hate for Hashem, we must counter by making sure that we are the ones who will continue to serve Hashem.

    It would not be proper to say Baruch Dayan Ha’Emes because the focus was not the idea that G-d had his final moments in mind for the right to life a full life.

    You should follow Shema Yisrael with “never again”.

    This helps keep the negativity of the hate off your values and off your shame.

    I think it helped me so I thought I would share.

    Never Again.

  2. In response to comment #1: the only one for hate of Israel is you. A guy commits suicide and that’s your response? Your value system is despicable.


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