HEATED: Trump Lawyer to CNN: We’re Losing? ‘Says Who?’ (Video)


Donald Trump counsel Michael Cohen today repeatedly questioned a CNN anchor who said the Republican nominee is behind in the presidential race.

“Says who?” Cohen asked CNN anchor Brianna Keilar after she said that the Trump campaign was “down.”

“Polls. Most of them. All of them,” Keilar responded.

“Says who,” Cohen asked again.

“Polls, I just told you. I answered your question,” she responded.

Cohen said, “There’s no shakeup. Look at the words that you use and you blast at the bottom of your banner. Shakeup, overhaul, dramatic, desperate measures. There are no desperate measures. These terms are not indicative of what’s going on at the campaign. All that Mr. Trump has done is he has added to the existing group of winners that he has hired for the campaign.”






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