Hebrew Missionary Booklet Being Distributed in Boro Park


cover-of-missionary-booklet-smallWe have been notified that a cartoon booklet from Christian missionaries are being placed on people’s cars in Boro Park. On the rainy days, they even put the booklet in plastic bags to protect it from the rain. This small Hebrew booklet is around 23 pages. Cars parked on 19th Ave and 48th street were the most recent recipients of the booklet. As always, when you see any missionary literature or encounter a missionary, do not read it and do not speak to them.

The cover of the booklet can be seen above and below.

Anyone with additional information may contact Yad L’achim at 718-633-0776 or yadlachim@yahoo.com.



{Noam Amdurski-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. Don’t talk to them, period. If you speak to them harshly they only feel that they’re sacrificing for their religion and therefore getting merit. This only reinforces their behavior. Being nice to them just encourages them.

    Silence is golden. Shrug and walk away.


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