Help Arrives For 700-Pound Texas Woman


karen-fergusonAfter her story aired on CBS station KTVT-TV Monday night, Karen Ferguson of Fort Worth, Texas, got the call she had been waiting for. At 700 pounds, she cannot leave her own home to get the medical help she needs. “It got easier with the little prayers. But those great big ones? I just could not ask the big things… to get me out of this hole, this pit I’ve dug,” said Ferguson.

But after seeing her story, White Settlement Rehabilitation Clinic accepted her case Tuesday. A local ambulance crew made sure Ferguson got to the clinic by Tuesday night.

It was the first time in a year Ferguson was out in the sunshine.

To begin getting her out of the house, crews first had to get her out of the house. That’s not easy for someone who’s 700-pounds and has been immobile for a year.

Crews first took apart the banister on her handicap ramp outside. Then they brought in a special stretcher that holds 1800 pounds. After that, it was just sheer force of will.

“A miracle. Nothing short of a miracle,” said Ferguson’s daughter, Jerry Tedder.

Now a day to day fight to survive has some long term hope for living.

“She has the abilities to get out and get better. It’s all in the matter of her will power, and I believe she’s got it,” said paramedic Chris Freed. “She’s come this far and now its up to her and her abilities to continue.”

Ferguson said she’s scared and somewhat embarrassed about her condition. But she also said she is excited that her lonely condition is about to come to an end.

(CBS Broadcasting/Elisha Newscenter}



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