“Hero in Blue Shirt” Jumped on Tel Aviv Terrorists, Treated Wounded


Security camera footage of last Wednesday’s terrorist shooting at the Sarona Market complex in Tel Aviv shows Haggai Klein – known among the survivors of the attack as “the guy in the blue shirt” – tackling the two terrorists, wielding a chair as a weapon and likely preventing more casualties, Israel Hayom reported.

Klein is currently hospitalized with gunshot wounds sustained while he was trying to subdue the shooters. Klein served as a combat soldier in the IDF and has recently been working in security.

According to his family, Klein “walked in from outside the restaurant, saw what was happening and tried to engage [the terrorists]. We’re hearing that after he was shot, he treated [other] people thanks to his training as a combat medic.”

A Facebook user noted: “You saw him in the footage, going after the terrorists with a chair. And at that moment, they got confused, and maybe that confusion saved the lives of one or two people.”

David Steger – Matzav.com Israel



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