Hezbollah Chief Expects War Is Near With Israel



Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah predicts a war is nearing between his terror organization and Israel.

“The nations in the region must prepare to make sacrifices in any future conflict with Israel,” Nasrallah said in an interview with the Syrian television station al-Ikhbariya on Monday.

In a report late last month, Israel’s Home Front Command estimated that Hezbollah could fire up to 1,500 rockets per day at Israel.

Nasrallah also praised the nuclear framework deal between the world powers and Iran, saying that the agreement will lead to a “stronger and wealthier Iran in the coming phase (that) will be able to stand by its allies [Hezbollah], and especially the Palestinian resistance [Hamas], more than at any other time in history.”

It was reported on Sunday that Iran has transferred tens of millions of dollars to Hamas to help rebuild its network of tunnels destroyed by Israel during last summer’s Gaza war as well as help to replenish its stockpiles of missiles, the Sunday Telegraph reported.


{Matzav.com Israel}


  1. This fiend talks about sacrifices while he, the chicken of modern history, remains secluded in his hidden bunker. Osama did that, the other Hussein (Mr. Saddim) from Iraq, the turkey from Gaza: all the same ilk.


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