High Court Bans Yeshiva Student Stipends


yeshivaThe High Court of Justice: Yeshiva stipends discriminate against university students.

A panel of seven High Court of Justice judges, chaired by President of the Supreme Court Asher Grunis, has ruled that, from the end of 2014, the government may no longer provide “scholarships for study and to encourage integration in the labor force by yeshiva students.” The judges unanimously accepted the petition by the National Union of Israeli Students, Chiddush for Religious Freedom and Equality, the Center for Jewish Pluralism, and other organizations, Globes reported.

The organizations filed the petition in January 2011, after the government decided on a new budget regulation, following the Supreme Court’s June 2010 ruling, in the Yekutieli case which banned budget preferences for yeshiva students over university students. It ruled that the preferential budgets, such as income support, for yeshiva students violated the principle of equality, compared with university students, who were ineligible for them.

The new budget regulation was anchored in a government decision and in a clause in the budget laws in 2011-14. The amount to “guarantee minimum income for yeshiva students” totaled NIS 110 million in 2011 and NIS 109 million in 2012. Globes

{Matzav.com Israel}


  1. Baruch Hashem!! Let everyone earn an honest living and learn Torah without getting money from the secular government!

  2. How can you call it the high court of “justice” if it’s anything bu that when charedim are paying taxes like everyone else and about 85% of our taxes go to professors, universities and public schools, while charedi education do not get more than about 15%?

  3. Clearly there’s a war against Torah in Eretz Yisroel. Frum askanim in the US and elsewhere need to set up a fund to fill in the gap. The Chief Rabbinate and any bending of halacha for political power, needs to end and until the government recognizes the importance of Torah study to Israel there needs to be a clear separation from governmental things. The unhealthy mix that currently exists only serves to fan flames, and has now led to this.

  4. The hidden chesed here is that the Torah learned will be pure without the tamei money of mamleches hatzioni interfering…


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