Hikind Calls on DEP to Address Weak Water Pressure in Certain Sections of Boro Park


After David Schwartz, Communications Assistant to Assemblyman Dov Hikind (D-Brooklyn), informed the assemblyman of numerous complaints regarding weak water pressure in certain sections of Boro Park, Hikind called on the Department of Environmental Protection to address and resolve this quality-of-life issue. Many of the complaints lodged were by homeowners residing between 45th Street to 48th Street and 9th Avenue to Fort Hamilton Parkway.

Assemblyman Hikind’s request comes on the heels of observing firsthand the difficulties homeowners have with common household tasks, like washing dishes and doing laundry, due to a lack of water pressure. While some residents continue to suffer with low to moderate water pressure, others experience water trickling out of their shower heads and faucets at an unbearably slow rate, making it impossible to run multiple water-consuming appliances simultaneously.

DEP representatives previously came to the area to investigate the situation, but claimed that there was nothing wrong with the water pressure. Hikind consulted with Moshe Fischman, a master plumber with over four decades of professional experience, in an effort to get a better understanding of why sections of Boro Park are experiencing weak water pressure. Following the meeting, Hikind penned a letter to Vincent Sapienza, the Commissioner of Dept. of Environmental Protection, urging the department to look into the matter and address the situation expeditiously.

“After spending time with numerous irate homeowners, I saw firsthand and can attest to the serious conditions many of these families have had to endure,” Assemblyman Hikind said. “To be forced to wait several hours for a bathtub to fill up is absolutely unacceptable. Tenants within the same house are forced to coordinate when they will shower due to weak water pressure in the area. Nobody should be subjected to a trickling faucet or shower head after coming home from a long day’s work in the summer months.”

Added Hikind: “The lack of water pressure has significantly reduced the quality of life of these residents. I am requesting that the Dept. of Environmental Protection address this issue, and would welcome the commissioner to come see firsthand the conditions that these residents are forced to live with.”

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