Hikind Challenges Polish Authorities To Release Video Evidence Of Jew Arrested And Beaten For No Reason And “Sieg Heiled” By Police


New York State Assemblyman Dov Hikind (D-Brooklyn) says he doesn’t believe the Krakow police who claim to have arrested a Brooklynite at a Jewish synagogue for drunk and disorderly conduct. Yaakov Gluck, age 40, the son of Rabbi Edgar Gluck, who is recognized as the Chief Rabbi of Galicia, said he was jumped by the police for no reason, thrown to the ground, cuffed, beaten, then taken to a police station where he was “Sieg Heiled” by a uniformed police officer. Gluck says the synagogue’s surveillance video will exonerate him but the video is being held by the police and not shared with his attorney.

“Forget the he-said, she said,” Hikind declared. “Go to the video! Why won’t the Krakow authorities share this information with the public? Then everyone can see for themselves precisely what happened.”

On Tuesday, Hikind made the story of the arrest public when he called on the State Department to look into the assault and anti-Semitic gesture. “Regardless of what Mr. Gluck was charged with, a policeman in Poland giving him a Hail Hitler salute is beyond outrageous!” said Hikind.



  1. He was drunk and disorderly! Police was called by Jewish rep at Synagogue!Get your facts straight! He needs to stop drinking on Sabbath and behave at his age finally!


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