Hikind, Daskal Warn Of Counterfeit Money And Bogus “Brand-Name” Items


yanky-daskal-hikindAssemblyman Hikind (D-Brooklyn) and Yanky Daskal, the founder and coordinator of the Boro Park Shomrim, have released a new video offering safety tips to community members. The eight-minute video discusses how to avoid receiving counterfeit money, why to avoid “brand new” items on the street, and the ramifications of leaving anything in your car.

Regarding counterfeit bills, Hikind and Daskal explain how people have come into neighborhood stores to buy a bottle of water or other small items and paid with large, counterfeit bills. “A major store in our community had three occasions from three different people with these counterfeit bills,” said Hikind. “When you accept a bad bill, you’re out the entire amount.” Daskal noted how the Shomrim have been called on such occasions and have followed the people attempting to pass huge bills around from store to store to establish a pattern for the police. “For store owners, it pays to update the machinery that detects these counterfeit bills,” says Daskal.
Hikind and Daskal also warned community members regarding street vendors who seem to be selling expensive, brand-name items for a fraction of what legitimate stores sell the same items for. One example that’s prevalent is perfume. “It looks good, it smells good, but when you use it you start to itch,” says Daskal. Assemblyman Hikind noted that it’s a similar scam with brand-name electronics that are sold on the street. What you’re shown out of the box is not necessarily what you’ll bring home.
The third issue that Hikind and Daskal warn about is people leaving items of any value in their cars. “It may not seem like an expensive item,” says Hikind, “but leaving anything in your car is a mistake. You’re inviting trouble.” Daskal agrees. “Most of the time people just try car handles to get in,” he explains, “But others will break in. Even a jacket is an invitation.”

Assemblyman Hikind urges anyone who believes they have been a victim of a scam to contact his office at 718-853-9616.

The video can be viewed HERE.

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