Hikind Optimistic About Education Investment Tax Credits



Assemblyman Dov Hikind (D-Brooklyn) is more than optimistic about Education Investment Tax Credits becoming a reality this year and with good reason-he expects New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo to lead the charge and bring parents long-awaited tuition relief.

“While Governor Cuomo supported a bill for Education Investment Tax Credits in the past, his powerful words to our community in October set a historical precedence,” said Hikind. “The Governor acknowledged the hardships that our families face as we work to give our children the best and most meaningful education that we can provide. During his visit to Boro Park in November, and again on my radio show, Governor Cuomo made it clear that he understands how vital this bill is to the Jewish community and that we deserve this measure of relief. He called it justice.”

On October 29, Governor Cuomo addressed a large crowd at Bais Yaakov of Boro Park where Assemblyman Hikind praised the Governor for his many past accomplishments. “There’s still one job left to do,” said Hikind, publicly calling on Governor Cuomo to make Education Investment Tax Credits a personal issue. “Our parents are literally struggling to send their children to yeshivas,” said Hikind. “They do this because our community values education above all else. But our parents need relief. Too many of our families struggle just to put food on the table and yet their largest expense is educating children and ensuring their futures. By making Education Investment Tax Credits a reality, we can positively impact every single family in our community. This is our number one priority.”

Governor Cuomo publicly agreed and stressed how Hikind’s leadership had done so much for the community. He then stated that Education Investment Credits were not a matter of charity. “It is justice,” said the Governor who added that it was his “profound wish to resolve all issues.”

Several days later, the Governor appeared live on Hikind’s radio show where he again expressed his support for the issue. “It is fair, it is right,” said the Governor.

“The Governor’s adoption of this issue into his budget will make a world of difference,” said Hikind, who championed the issue last legislative session and vowed to redouble his efforts this term. “Parents in our community have waited too long for relief from the rising cost of yeshiva education while also paying for public schools with our tax dollars. There has never been an issue of constitutionality regarding Education Investment Tax Credits. The passage of this bill will help public schools, too. All children, regardless of where they attend school, will benefit.”

Assemblyman Michael Cusick is the key sponsor of the Education Investment Tax Credits bill.

{Matzav.com Newscenter}


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