Hikind Praises Adventurers Amusement Park For Prompt Handling Of Anti-Semitic Incident


NYS Assemblyman Dov Hikind (D-Brooklyn) applauded the management of Adventurers Amusement Park in Brooklyn for their expeditious and proper handling of a recent anti-Semitic incident at the park.

In September, the Assemblyman was called by a rabbi after students from a local yeshiva heard racial comments from several of the park’s employees. Hikind and a staff member immediately visited the park to investigate, then met with park’s manager Patricia Gallo.

Gallo made it clear that she and the park’s owners were as angry and disappointed about the incident as our Assemblyman was. The employees were immediately fired and management apologized for the incident.

“I am very impressed by Adventurers’ handling of this incident,” said Hikind. “While no employers can know what any of their employees are thinking when they hire them, they can certainly take definitive action when an employee is out of line, and that’s exactly what Adventurers did. Adventurers set an example for all employers.

“On a personal note, I have been visiting Adventurers with my grandchildren for years. Their park is ideal and accommodating throughout the season and that’s why our community is comfortable sending our children there. I plan to visit with my grandchildren during Chol HaModed and feel even better about it now that I know we have friends in management who we can call any time we need them.”



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