Hikind Praises Education Chancellor And Sanitation Commissioner For Resolving PS 160 Garbage Mess



Assemblyman Dov Hikind (D-Brooklyn) thanked the Department of Education and the Department of Sanitation for working together to help Public School 160 better manage its piles of garbage, which residents complained was destroying their quality of life. The Assemblyman met with neighbors impacted by the daily piles of garbage then spoke with school Principal Margaret Russo before escalating the matter.

Residents near P.S. 160 on 51st Street and Fort Hamilton Parkway had complained that huge piles of garbage, resulting from the daily meals of nearly 1400 students and faculty, were left out twice each day in front of the school for sanitation to remove at night. The result was an all-day stench that became unbearable to people living in the neighborhood. Residents said they had complained for a long time but nothing was done until they turned to Hikind.

“At the request of residents, I visited the neighborhood and saw with my own eyes-and smelled with my own nose-how bad the situation was,” said Hikind. “But now the garbage is being taken out later in the day and deposited away from the residential homes, directly in front of the school on Fort Hamilton Parkway. This new situation is much better for everyone concerned.”

Assemblyman Hikind said that this is one of a number of issues that he has been working to resolve with the Department of Sanitation and thanked DOS Commissioner Kathryn Garcia, as well as Joseph Loughran, the District Superintendent. The Assemblyman also thanked DOE Chancellor Carmen Fariña as well as Kevin Moran, the Executive Director of Field Operations.

{Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. Now if he could only keep his long-standing, and oft-repeated, promise to stop the sanitation trucks from picking up the trash at the same times as the school buses pick up our children. So far, his promise has not been kept.


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