Hikind Shocked By Vermont Police Findings After Rabbi’s Family Cuffed At Gunpoint


NYS Assemblyman Dov Hikind (D-Brooklyn) says he’s shocked that the Vermont State Police have found the terrifying arrest of Rabbi Berel Fink’s family in any way acceptable based on their report that showed no evidence of bias or profiling.

“Who said this was a bias issue?” asked Hikind. “The police video makes it clear that this family was put through an ordeal that was terrifying beyond description. They were pulled over in the rain, reportedly for speeding, but were never issued a speeding ticket, which right away tells you something is odd. It’s also obvious that Rabbi Fink was not trying to elude the police—he was just looking for a safe place to pull over in the rain, and within minutes he did so.

“I watched the video in shock. I could only imagine what this family was going through. Rabbi Fink was clearly confused but he wasn’t resisting the police—nevertheless, he was treated like a terrorist, told to lie on his face on the street and handcuffed at gunpoint in front of his family. And then his son, who was a passenger, was treated the same way. And then his wife! You can hear her crying—she is terrified. These people clearly posed no danger to anyone.

“I object to these findings which exonerate this state trooper on the grounds that this was not a bias issue. Where was the sensitivity? The professionalism? Once this family was stopped, the trooper clearly saw what we all see—a frightened family who did not understand why they were being arrested. Rabbi Fink didn’t think he was speeding—no one in their right mind speeds past a police car on purpose. Once the police had run the plates and saw who they were dealing with, there was no need to take the matter any further. I can’t image this occurring on New York. Months later, this is an experience that has effected the lives on this family. It was just terrifying and so clearly unnecessary.”


{Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. All you accusers who commented yesterday against the Chareidi family need to read this article which hopefully will teach you a good lesson in judging your fellow Jew even if it seems to you naive mind they’re totally wrong. One who has true ahavas yisrael would never have written such comments. Remember, the way you judge others, that is how Hashem judges you.

  2. not everything that is wrong against Jews is biased or Anti Semitic. It could just be a case of terrible policing. There are bad cops out there. I have no idea if the family can receive some compensation for this horrible behavior of the police. But that doesn’t mean it is specifically a biased/Anti Semitic thing by the police.

    • No! We must stick up for our Jewish brethren, esp. if it might cause a chillul Hashem.
      Would you say the same if your family were the ones handcuffed?

  3. R’ hikind puts heart above the head. This is America and Vermont. The Rabbi was wrong, is that possible? Speeding and not pulling over for 4 miles are red flags. If you need rachmoonas then go to Shul. You only get justice in Vermont. Even chosids are not above the law.

  4. The world we live in …The rabbi drove 4.5 miles without pulling over or attempting to pull over…The cop was a nervous wreck. He had no idea who was driving this car… a bank robber? Felon? This case is not so ‘clear’ cut.

  5. While it was a unfortunate incident, it wasn’t biased anti Semitic etc. when a cop is behind you for 4.5 miles and you keep your speed at 65 you will get them mad and they will charge you for eluding police. If you are looking for a safe place to pull over, slow down to 30, and it shouldn’t take you 4.5 miles to find a safe spot. This family by mistake messed up bad, instead of calling the cops names let’s re-educate ourselves

  6. I personally think the police did everything correctly, up until the point when he decided to go with “attempting to elude” as the charge, I honestly think that question was cleared up pretty much right away based on the Rabbi’s demeanor and explanation for not stopping right away, if I were the officer (and yes, I know I am NOT) I would have just gone with speeding, somehow, I have a feeling that this attempting to elude is going to get tossed out.

    As far as the rudeness, roughness, anti Semitism and bias remarks are concerned, speaking as a Jew, this only muddys the waters and makes us look whiny and weak, we Jews are a strong and proud people with a powerful history and resorting to labeling this anti semitism, seems like a sad attempt to weasel out of the charges, instead of facing them head on as they are, excessive, I guess it’s just me, but the charge just seems obviously excessive.

    As far as the police officer is concerned, he did what he had to do to protect himself from a potential deadly threat, just cause he pointed his gun in the direction of the rabbi doesn’t make the officer a klansman, these guys and gals are under constant threat of death, people literally march down the streets shouting cheers about killing police nowadays!


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