Hikind Vows To Continue The Fight Against East Ramapo Monitor Bill


hikind1Assemblyman Dov Hikind (D-Brooklyn) released the following statement this morning regarding the East Ramapo Monitor Bill:

“I am terribly disappointed that the NYS Assembly Education Committee voted to approve the East Ramapo Monitor Bill.

“I’ve been involved with this issue and will continue to be involved. There’s too much of a one-sided story being told, including an Op Ed in today’s New York Times that ignores certain facts. Key among those facts is that every school board has a limited amount of money and non-mandated services, such as a music program, can’t take priority over necessities.

“The East Ramapo Monitor Bill establishes a very dangerous precedent. A monitor who has the ability to overturn decisions made by a duly elected board is clearly unfair. If an appointed monitor can make decisions for the East Ramapo school district, then other appointed monitors can do the same in other districts. Where does it end? There will be no point in even electing a school board anymore—those elected members will become a board of advisors as the appointed monitor becomes the czar. We eliminate the democratic process.

“Kudos to my colleagues, Assembly Members Walter Mosley and Shelly Silver for doing the right thing and voting against this destructive bill. Ultimately, I don’t believe the bill will be approved in the State Senate and I will continue to fight against it because it is patently unjust.”

{Matzav.com  Newscenter}


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